So… how much?

As an actor myself, I understand the need for great headshots while managing your day to day expenses. I am not trying to wreck your budget with my pricing. My prices are extremely fair and I’ll always strive to be as such. But remember the end result has to be to get you opportunities to have more success. So don’t strictly look for who is cheapest. If the cheapest headshots won’t get you in doors then you have wasted money and time… and hope. I’ve got three price points for you to consider:

Welcome back to Impressive Headshot!

$395   $295

For this you’ll get up to 1 1/2 hours and up to 3-4 looks. We’ll get lots of variety for those looks and I know that we’ll get what you want and need.

All of the images are checked for color, contrast, sharpness and brightness to my taste before being uploaded to your online gallery. You’ll also get 4 enhanced images of your choice that will go further into editing for specifics, as well as being set up for print. This does not include excessive photoshop work. I will tell you if more work is needed. In that case you can either pay me for those services or go to your own retoucher.

And, of course, you’ll get all the usable images in high-res jpegs per Dropbox.

There will also be a password protected gallery on the web for your viewing before you choose your images for enhancement.

We’ll shoot natural or studio lighting. (Note: some of my studio work is with natural light in studio)

$495   $395

You’ll get 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 full hours to shoot all that we can either in studio or out, with up to 6 looks for that time period. You’ll get everything that you got in the previous pricing, except that you’ll get 2 more looks plus the equivalent of 1 enhancement per look that we shoot. You’ll still get all the usable images in high-res jpegs per Dropbox and the web gallery.

$695   $595

You’ll get up to 3-4 full hours of shooting, both inside or out. We can do this on location to meet your needs and/or shoot in studio. We’ll shoot as many looks as we can get in during that time frame for any non-commercial needs you may have. You’ll get up to 8 enhancements of your images, as well as all the usable images in high-res jpegs per Dropbox and web gallery.

This is for someone who wants to really attack their portfolio. Perhaps you’d need headshots, plus modeling poses, lifestyle, etc. This is also great for someone who may be building a brochure for themselves, or who just needs loads of headshots. This is not a commercial shoot, however. If you want to use for advertising there would be a usage fee for that. I had an agent once who wanted me to get her 15 different looks. Yep, 15! Believe me, I paid through the nose for that session, and then the photographer literally only gave me 10 images total from the shoot! I had to pay again for each individual image beyond the first 10! Whereas, I give you the images you select for special editing PLUS all of the others.

My Covid pricing will change without notice, but booked sessions will remain at priced at which they were booked. I look forward to serving you again!

Ask me about sharing your sessions with a fellow actor. In some cases I’ll actually have two actors split the session to save themselves money. Those do have exceptions and limitations.

In each of the categories you’d be providing your own MUA, although I can certainly recommend some if you’d like. You would pay them separately and independently from me. Also, in some circumstances I can come to you to shoot your headshot session, but there is an extra fee for that service and it would depend on where, time of day, etc.

All of the images are the property of Jerry Giles and Impressive Headshots and inasmuch may be used on my website, blog or for promotional materials whether digital or print. When you post the images you must give “Photo by” credit to Impressive Headshots on all of your sites, Facebook or other types of social media. That’s very standard practice but I wanted to remind everyone. My goal is for my headshots of  to get you in doors… and for my headshots of you to bring others in my doors. That’s why I work so hard for you.

Thanks for reading, now go look at my images. I hope to hear from you! I WANT to help your career by showing agents, managers and Casting Directors who you are, and give them a glimpse of what you’re capable of achieving through the headshots that we get together.




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Let’s set up a time for your headshot session.

Contact Me

Let’s set up a time for your headshot session.